Consumer Promise


A trusted company with over 15 years in the industry, Guardian Building Systems offers complete and modern alternatives to traditional home improvements including the market leading Guardian Warm Roof.

Guardian Building Systems offer quality assured, sleek and contemporary ways of creating all-year-round living spaces for homes in half the time of traditional builds. 

We strive for consistency for every homeowner looking to install one of our systems. Each build is bespoke to your needs, and factory manufactured for the highest quality and performance. As testament to the quality of our product, the Guardian Warm Roof is Building Regulations pre approved by LABC, and officially partnered with market leading brand VELUX.

When you request a quote from us and go on to have an installation from a local Guardian Certified Installer, you can relax with the peace-of-mind that we will provide you with guarantees on the standards you can expect. Where expectations are not met, we provide clear routes to resolve issues, by independent third parties where necessary.

Your quote

When you request a quote from us we will pass it onto your local Guardian Certified Installer. Your Guardian Certified Installer will be in touch within two working days to discuss your requirements.
Typically, and because Guardian Certified Installers quote accurately the first time with no hidden costs, a site visit will be required as part of the quoting process. Your Guardian Certified Installer will aim to provide your final quote within two working days after their final site visit.

Warranties and guarantees

Your local Guardian Certified Installer has been expertly trained to install our product range to the highest standard. Should your installation not meet these, the Guardian Certified Fabricator of your system will investigate to establish if the issue is down to the workmanship or the product itself.

10 year workmanship guarantee

Within the first ten years from the date of completion of the project by a Guardian Certified Installer, should issues arise with regards to the workmanship of the installation, your local Guardian Certified Installer will carry out remedial work free of charge.
This workmanship guarantee will cover issues with work carried out by the Guardian Certified Installer. This does not cover issues with any work carried out by other trades before the project or that you may arrange at a later date, for example decorators. This does not cover any other Guardian Building Systems projects, of which will be subject to a separate Consumer Promise per system.

10 year product warranty

With a Guardian Warm Roof you receive a 10 year product warranty to give you peace of mind. This warranty commences from the completion date of the Guardian Warm Roof installation. Should issues arise with regards to the products used to construct our system, your Guardian Certified Installer’s Fabricator will arrange for remedial work to be carried out free of charge.

Insurance Backed Guarantee

All Guardian Certified Installers provide financial security for each build via an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG). You will be provided a copy of the policy upon completion of that installation. Should a Guardian Certified Installer cease trading, any workmanship issues that arise within the first two years from the date of completion will be guaranteed by this IBG.

LABC Certification

Your Certified Guardian installer should always seek building regulations certification for your conservatory roof replacement. To speed up this process, and for added peace-of-mind, the Guardian Warm Roof has been subject to rigorous testing and is fully registered with Local Authority Building Control (LABC), who ensure the product meets building regulation standards.
Guardian Warm Roof’s universal approval by LABC speeds up and simplifies council approval, and gives the homeowner confidence in a quality assured product for their home.
Please note, this Consumer Promise does not cover Guardian Warm Roof projects that were completed outside of the Guardian Certified Installer Scheme, by non-certified installers or on other Guardian Building Systems home improvements unless specified on the specific Consumer Promise for that system. All warranties and guarantees specific in this document pertain only to the Guardian Warm Roof system, when installed by Guardian Certified Installers. For more information please call 0800 066 5832.
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