Over 20 years of designing, fabricating and installing conservatory roofs

Here at Guardian Building Systems, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products and services with a personal touch. 

Our in-depth expertise built on over 20 years of designing, fabricating and installing conservatory roofs has challenged us to push boundaries and create solutions to the everyday problems homeowners face.

After noticing a trend back in 1997 amongst homeowners who said their conservatories were too hot in summer and too cold in winter, we set about creating a unique solution that would enable people to enjoy their conservatory all year round. 

Every Guardian Warm Roof is bespoke designed and manufactured to meet the specifications of each individual conservatory.

We wanted to make every house a home. 

Our solution was a new type of solid roof that could regulate temperatures and glare all year round, conserve energy, and integrate the conservatory more firmly within the rest of the house. 

Since then, we have spent the last two decades refining and honing our warm roof system to become the transformative solution it is today.

We continue to innovate and expand our offer to meet homeowner needs and we look forward to providing more new systems and services to our customers year on year.

Committed to helping our customers to get the most from their homes.

From our founding in 1995 through to our most recent product developments, the team here at Guardian has always been committed to helping our customers to get the most from their homes. 

The Guardian team

Guardian Building Systems HQ is based in Dublin and is also the home of Guardian Distribution, Guardian Building Products and Celuplast. Our Technical Centre with UK sales and marketing support is based in Padiham and houses our expert technical and engineering team.

Everyone at Guardian Building Systems is dedicated to delivering the best quality solutions, and our in-house team has worked tirelessly to establish and grow our Certified Installer and Certified Fabricator networks; registered professionals who undergo rigorous training to ensure they meet our highest standards. We have over 20 Certified Fabricators and over 100 Certified Installers nationwide, who are a vital part of the Guardian family.

Our Partners

Partnership is integral to our business ethos – we wouldn’t be where we are without our network of highly skilled Certified Installers, and likewise what we are able to offer has benefitted from partnering with market leading brands.

Guardian Building Systems is partnered with leading brands


We are exclusively partnered with VELUX roof windows, giving you a unique opportunity to further enhance the natural light and ventilation in your conservatory. Available in a range of sizes, glazing options and finishes, they make the perfect addition to your Guardian Warm Roof and reflect the high standards we hold ourselves to.


Our Guardian Warm Roof solutions are fitted with high-performance Kingspan™ insulation to regulate temperatures in your conservatory and save money on your heating bills. Meanwhile, our Guardian Home Extension uses cutting edge Kingspan TEK panels. The TEK panel walls of your new extension will offer transformative thermal efficiency, and the thinner profile gives a wider usable floor space than a traditional brick and mortar build. Whilst we been in the building business for two decades, we are constantly searching for other innovative brands to partner with.
Guardian Building Systems Certified Installer scheme provides reassurance to homeowners


In 2008, we began our partnership with Metrotile, who came on board as an exclusive supplier of lightweight, durable tiles for solid roofing. We knew that their beautiful range of colours and profiles would bring the finishing touch to the Guardian Warm Roofs we made from then on.
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