Extension wall finishes for the Guardian Home Extension

Extension wall finishes can be tailored to compliment your existing home and seamlessly blend new with old.

Bespoke to your design specification

Each Guardian Home Extension is designed and constructed on a bespoke basis, this allows you to opt for extension wall finishes that integrate your brand new extension seamlessly into your existing home.

Render finish

One of the most popular finishes for the Guardian Home Extension is a simple render finish. Rendering allows the extension to blend seamlessly into an already rendered home, and you have no limitations of your paint colour choice.

Brick finish

Opting for a facing wall of brick will allow your installer to match up the bricks of your existing home and blend your new extension seamlessly. Whether a plain brick wall, or with pattern detailing, your new extension can tie in as needed.

Stone and brick cladding

There is wide variety of stone and brick cladding available to encompass almost every style imaginable. Cladding can give the illusion of a brick or stone home extension without the work involved when using real brick. Speak to your installer to find out which option is best for your Guardian Home Extension.

Shiplap cladding

Giving a look of rustic charm, shiplap style cladding is available in a variety of materials – fibre cement, wood, or PVC. Your installer will be able to advise on the benefits of the different types of shiplap cladding available, as well as offering advice on which is best for your home.
If you have another wall option in mind, request a quote and your Certified Guardian Home Extension Installer will be intouch to discuss all your requirements.

More customisation options

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