Transform your conservatory into a beautiful, year-round living space with a Guardian Warm Roof

The Guardian Warm Roof has been carefully designed to help you make the most of one part of your home that may be underutilised – your conservatory.

We all know there’s no place like home. Whatever your lifestyle, having a space that works for you through all the seasons of life is one of those simple pleasures that has a huge impact. 

With a Guardian Warm Roof, it’s possible to transform almost any conservatory into a comfortable sanctuary all year round.

Lightweight construction

Expertly developed and engineered to be extremely lightweight so that it can replace an entire existing conservatory roof without the need for additional work on the loadbearing structure

Highly efficient

Our warm roof system has been independently tested and achieves a U-value of 0.15 W/m2K – one the lowest in the industry.   

Made to measure

Created precisely to your individual requirements and pre-assembled under controlled factory conditions, to ensure the highest quality before it is fitted by our Certified Installers.

Efficient installation

Our network of Guardian Certified Installers undergo rigorous training to ensure they can complete installations efficiently and to the highest standard. Find out more…

Certified & independently tested

The Guardian Warm Roof is not only independently tested by the BRE, it was also the first to partner with the LABC/LABSS. This can help to streamline building control checks.

Our guarantee to you

All Guardian Warm Roofs come with a 10 product guarantee as well as a 10 year workmanship guarantee when installed by one of our Certified Installers.

“The team did a fantastic job replacing my conservatory roof. The attention to detail was impressive as was the level of service at every step of the process from initial visit, at every stage of construction, to receipt of completion documentation.”
Barbara T., Homeowner

Industry leading design

The industry-leading design of the Guardian Warm Roof means it is typically lighter but stronger than the glazed or polycarbonate roof it replaces.

Each component of the carefully engineered build up serves to ensure your new roof is well ventilated and thermally efficient, whilst also providing you with a beautifully finished space – inside and out – in keeping with your home’s aesthetic.

Find out more about what makes a Guardian Warm Roof so effective...

Unlimited thermal performance

We know how important it is that any investment in your home delivers exactly what you need.

We have continuously improved the Guardian Warm Roof over the years so that you get the very best performance from your new roof.

Independently tested by the BRE as one of the most thermally efficient roof systems on the market we also ensure that the components of the Guardian Warm Roof system are expertly engineered by our network of certified fabricators to meet the exact requirements of each individual project.

Discover more about the amazing performance qualities of the Guardian Warm Roof.  

“This will definitely pay for itself in the years to come. The heatwaves we had made no effect on the conservatory, it managed to keep a nice cool temperature within the room instead of previous stifling heat. ”
Leila F., Homeowner

All styles covered 

Conservatories come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles. Whatever form your conservatory takes, our network of Certified Fabricators are able to design fabricate a bespoke room ready for installation.

Learn more...

solid roofed conservatories add more value to your home

Exterior design finishes  

It’s often the finishing touches that really make a space and we’re proud to offer exceptional finish options to ensure your Guardian Warm Roof meets your design vision.

Learn more about our range of options... 

“The new roof system is fantastic and done at the right time for us - we don’t know how we would have managed with the high winds and torrential rain we have had just recently.”
Mark G., Homeowner

Interior lighting options

Light makes a huge difference to any room. Too much and it can become visually uncomfortable; too little and you end up straining your eyes in a space that feels dull. We have a range of lighting solutions to help you find the ideal balance.

Learn more...

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