Guardian Roof Slate

Authentic and environmentally friendly, Guardian Roof Slate is the natural alternative to traditional slate for your rustic new roof.

Maintain the traditional feel of your home with Guardian Roof Slates

Add texture and style to your home while maintaining period style and design, with our stunning roof slates. Our roof slate offers the aesthetic appeal of natural slate without the risk of cracking or breaking.

The look of traditional slate, with the benefits of modern technology

Our roof slate has all the rustic charm of traditional slate, but is up to 60% lighter making it ideal for a replacement conservatory roof. Plus, as the world strives for environmentally friendly materials, we make all our roof slates from crushed limestone and recycled material, and are proud to say our slate is fully recyclable at end of use.

Guardian Roof Slate is available in five natural shades to blend seamlessly with your home

Guardian Roof Slate is available in five natural shades, all of which have been rigorously UV tested and exhibited virtually no fade. For extra peace-of-mind, the range is A-grade fire rated when used with a standard membrane.

More customisation options

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