Transform your home with the revolutionary and most advanced energy-efficient home extension system.

The Guardian Home Extension has been innovatively designed to provide an energy-efficient, spacious and open plan extension to your home. Using cutting edge construction techniques, your home extension will be created in less than half the time of a traditional build with significantly less disruption.

The Guardian Home Extension allows you to extend and maximise the space in your home allowing you to create a space to suit you and your family’s needs.

For Your Inspiration

We’ve developed 5 different types of Guardian Home Extension to provide you with some ideas and inspiration as to what is possible.
Take a look at the range of styles, finishes and interior designs all aimed to get the creative juices flowing...

Innovative Construction

Expertly developed and engineered, the Guardian Home Extension system combines two innovative and thermally efficient

Rapid Installation

The whole extension installation is completed with minimum of disruption, in all weathers and 50% quicker than a traditional build.

Engineered For Quality

Each Guardian Home Extension is engineered precisely to your individual requirements and pre-assembled under controlled factory conditions to ensure the highest quality for reduced installation time.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Using the thermally efficient Guardian Warm Roof and the Kingspan TEK Building System, the home extension achieves outstanding thermal performance, far beyond that of traditional builds.

Regulation Compliance

The Guardian home extension meets the highest safety and quality standards. You can have peace of mind knowing that your new space not only enhances your home but also adheres to all necessary legal requirements.

Range of Finishes

A range of finishes and fittings are available to tailor and compliment your existing home, from brick finishes, to rendered walls, and tile or slate roofing.

Designed by industry leaders

The Guardian Home Extension combines the very best in cutting edge construction techniques, using the thermally efficient Kingspan TEK Building System and the market leading Guardian Warm Roof. 

All components are made to measure and pre-assembled and factory engineered with high performance insulation. 

This superior design enables you more flexibility in designing your perfect home extension, whilst also providing a significantly reduced build time and a reduction of overall waste and disruption of a traditional construction.


Any home extension should be seamless and in-keeping with your existing house allowing you to maximize your living space to your desire. 

It also needs to deliver optimum performance when it comes to both energy-efficiency and space. 

The Guardian Home Extension system has been engineered to deliver both of these things with the most thermally efficient, insulated wall construction and market leading warm roof.


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Its often the finishing touches that really make a space, and we’re proud to offer exceptional finish options to ensure your Guardian Home Extension compliments your existing home. 

From brick finishes to rendered walls, and tile or slate for the roof, we offer the perfect look for our building design.


Light makes a huge difference to any room. Too much and it can become visually uncomfortable; too little and you end up straining your eyes in a space that feels dull. We have a range of lighting solutions to help you find the ideal balance.


The installation of a Guardian Home Extension system is significantly quicker than a traditional construction and will reduce overall waste and disruption. 

The pre-assembled factory engineered walls and roof are made to measure and delivered to site ready for construction.
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