Guardian Warm Roof Downlights

Add the finishing touch to your Guardian Warm Roof with contemporary and energy efficient LED Guardian Warm Roof Downlights.

Guardian Warm Roof Downlights: the low maintenance option

Our downlights are individual LED units, this means that by installing them not only do you benefit from the energy efficiency of LEDs, but you also no longer have to worry about changing bulbs – each unit has 30,000 hours of life before it needs replacing.

Options to fit your design requirements

Available in white or chrome finish, LED Guardian Warm Roof Downlights take your new space from day to night. When installed with the optional dimmer switch, you have the freedom to adjust your evening light levels to suit your mood.

You can also mix lighting types to add drama to your space. Mixing downlights with pendant lights or chandeliers allows you to have the impact of decorative lighting, whilst maintaining the mood and style of modern, dimmable downlights.

Guardian Downlights; designed with your comfort in mind

Unlike standard downlights, the ultra slim 25mm profile of our downlights allows them to be installed without the need to penetrate the insulation layer and vapour barrier of your new roof, thus eliminating any drafts.

More customisation options

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