The Solstice Skylight

Designed exclusively for Guardian Building Systems, the Solstice Skylight offers elegance and impact, whilst maximising the daylight in your new space.

Increase your glazing with the Solstice Skylight

Maximise the glazing in your roof; unlike many glazing options our skylight utilises the full roof height of a Guardian Warm Roof installation to maximise the amount of daylight that can fill your new room. By day you will have a bright daylight filled space, and of an evening you can sit back and relax whilst looking up at the stars.

Beautiful, and energy efficient

You do not have to compromise on energy efficiency when you opt for glazing in your new roof. Our skylight is a double glazed unit that offers exceptional thermally efficiency whilst allowing daylight to fill your space; on warm days our skylights will limit heat from the sun, whilst on cold days they will help maintain an ambient temperature.

The Solstice Skylight is designed for a range of roof shapes

Whatever the style of your conservatory, our expert network of installers can tailor a Guardian Warm Roof to suit your needs.
Just like no two conservatories are the same, no two Guardian Warm Roofs are the same – every Guardian Warm Roof is uniquely designed for each individual conservatory being transformed.

More customisation options

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