Are Solid Conservatory Roofs Legal?

Solid Conservatory Roofs are increasingly common and yet glass and polycarbonate roofs remain common too.

This leads to an obvious question and one we will put to bed once and for all in this post. Are the solid, tiled roofs legal and, if so, is that always the case?

The quick answer is that they are legal, though a bit more explanation is required. You still need to be a bit careful.

Why if solid, tiled roofs are permissible do so many conservatories still have glass or polycarb roofs, materials proven to be unfit for purpose as they leave the room either too hot or too cold.

solid conservatory roof

The answer lies in regulatory change. Until 2010, conservatories had to have one of those materials but regulations changed in that year to allow lightweight, solid conservatory roofs. That change led to a divide – existing conservatories obviously had glass or polycarb roofs, new ones were made in both styles, those with the flawed roofs and those with the new. Those opting for glass or polycarb presumably not aware they were buying a dud.

If we're allowed a moment to navel gaze, the change came thanks to our work at Guardian Roofs, that is why we are uniquely placed to answer the question. We knew that glass and polycarb conservatory roofs were flawed and that people buying conservatories were being sold a dream that was not delivered upon. We resolved to change that.

The Benefits Of Solid Conservatory Roofs

We developed our warm roof with the aim of it being suitable to be fitted to any conservatory and also that it would make the conservatory an enjoyable space all year round – after all, there was no point making a product that could be fitted but had no benefit.

Regulations were changed after it was shown our product delivered. The roofs can be fitted to any conservatory, whether that's replacing an existing roof or the new roof as the conservatory is built. The conservatories also make the room usable all year round, they make it the room it always should have been.

Solid Conservatory Roofs with LABC

This is why we say you have to be careful which roof you go for – it is only the Guardian Roof that has full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval.

The Guardian Roof therefore, our particular solid, tiled conservatory roof, isn't just legal, it is the roof that regulations were changed for.

Of course, just because something is legal that isn't to say you should buy it, what makes solid, tiled conservatory roofs advantageous?

The key advantage is simply that they deliver on that key promise to make the conservatory usable, a great space all year round. A conservatory with a glass or polycarb roof is perhaps only of use as extra, expensive storage, a conservatory with a solid roof is a room in which you can unwind and relax.

There are other advantages too. The roofs look great, coming in a range of styles and subtle colours, they make the conservatory blend in with the rest of your house rather than looking like a bolt-on.

Guardian Warm Roof styles.

The change also makes financial sense. Every year there will be energy bill savings, independent research by AECOM finding that these came to £200 per year on a typical property – this because the conservatory will be so much easier to heat – and will stay warm – in the winter.

solid conservatory roofs
Solid Conservatory Roof with Guardian Warm Roof

If you ever look to move, the financial benefits will be greater still – this because solid, tiled roofs help to effectively turn a conservatory into an extension and so add significantly to the property's value. We expect the value of the house to increase by more than the cost to build a conservatory with a solid roof.

Only one problem – you may not want to leave!

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