Terms and Conditions

All Guardian Certified Installers are independent businesses and are not employees or subsidiaries of Guardian Building Systems. Guardian Building Systems do not carry out installations, repairs or maintenance to Guardian products or systems.

To help you with your Guardian Warm Roof enquiry, we will pass your details onto your local Guardian Certified Installer for the purposes of them providing you with a quote.

The decision to accept a quote and enter into a contract with a Guardian Certified Installer is entirely at your discretion. Guardian Building Systems can take no responsibility for any contract you freely enter into.

Following installation of your Guardian Warm Roof, your workmanship Guarantee and Insurance Backed Guarantee are provided and arranged by your Guardian Certified Installer. 

If you have not been issued with these, please contact your Guardian Certified Installer. Guardian Building Systems are unable to provide these to you.


Should you experience an issue with your Guardian Warm Roof, you must attempt to resolve the matter directly with your Guardian Certified Installer.

If you are unable to resolve the matter directly with your Guardian Certified Installer, please contact our customer services team on 0800 066 5832 for advice and support. 

To help with your complaint, we may ask you to provide photos, a copy of your contract and copies of the correspondence you’ve had so far with your Guardian Certified Installer. We will then investigate your complaint and provide you and your Guardian Certified Installer with a mediation service to help seek a resolution.

Please note that we are unable help with your complaint if:

  • The work has been carried out by a non-Certified Installer.
  • The work you are unhappy with has now been rectified and/or completed by another tradesperson.
  • You do not allow your Guardian Certified Installer to carry out the required rectification works. Rectification works will only be carried out by your Guardian Certified Installer as your contract is directly with them. Under no circumstances will Guardian Building Systems carry out any rectification works or instruct another Guardian Certified Installer to do so.
  • The complaint is in relation to claims for compensation, refunds or are contractual issues.
  • You have commenced legal proceedings against your Guardian Certified Installer
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