Guardian Warm Roof Styles

Conservatories come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles. Whatever form your conservatory takes, we can design the perfect warm roof to top it off.


Edwardian style conservatories follow the classic sunroom shape.

Together with attractive roof windows, the Edwardian Guardian Warm Roof is the traditional option for styling and convenience, maximising the room space below.

Sympathetic to all house styles, the ridge of the roof is so versatile it can also be the perfect solution to a Bungalow extension.


The Guardian Lean-to is ideal to maximise space at the rear of the house, with the option to have either one or two hips (slopes) at the ends.

The Lean-to design is especially well suited for kitchen extensions, and the roof can go as low as 15º with roof windows.


Victorian style conservatories work well when there is not much available space in your garden.

The faceted front appearance of the Victorian Guardian Warm Roof creates an attractive interior feature, with the internal plaster finish following the faceted angles of the roof.

Gable Ended

The most notable feature of gable ended conservatories is the continuous height it brings to the room thanks to its long central ridge.

The Gable End Guardian Warm Roof works especially well with roof windows, allowing you to make the most of the natural daylight and providing a light and airy space inside.


A combination style conservatory might be said to offer the best of all worlds.

A P-shape design simply combines the benefits of two different styles to maximise your living environment. You may also have a T-shape combination, or another bespoke arrangement.

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