Thermal Performance of a Guardian Warm Roof

Thermal performance

We know how important it is that any investment in your home delivers exactly what you need. We have continuously improved the Guardian Warm Roof over the years so that you get the very best performance from your new roof.

The components of the Guardian Warm Roof system are expertly engineered by our network of certified fabricators to meet the exact requirements of each individual project, ensuring that whilst every roof is bespoke, they all meet the same exacting standards.

Thermally inefficient conservatory roofThermally efficient guardian warm roof


One concern that homeowners often have about undertaking a conservatory roof replacement is the risk of condensation. With many unproven roof conversions, including wrap over solutions, moisture can form inside the roof causing staining and mould growth to the internal plasterboard, leading to deterioration or even failure of the roof.

Guardian Warm Roof is ventilated to eliminate the risk of condensation. Independently tested by the BRE, the Guardian Warm Roof system is designed with slots in the ring and ridge beams, which allow air to flow freely through the roof enabling any moisture to exit.

Thermal comfort

Homeowners often choose to undertake a conservatory roof conversion to maintain a more comfortable temperature within their conservatory all year round, whatever the weather outside.

The solid facing of the Guardian Warm Roof can help to shade the space from the summer sun, keeping it cooler when temperatures rise, whilst the high-performance insulation helps to keep heat inside during the winter.

This means you don’t have to rely on heating or fans to keep a comfortable temperature. In fact, it has been independently proven that a Guardian Warm Roof can save you money on your energy bills.

Having such effective insulation in your conservatory roof means that the space is kept cool in summer and warm in winter, as the thermal performance of the roof helps regulate the internal temperature.
Our tried and tested build-up, featuring 125 mm of insulation, achieves a superior U-value of only 0.15 W/m2K.

Sound & glare proof

If you’ve ever sat inside a traditional conservatory during a downpour you’ll know what a racket the rain can make bouncing off the glazed roof.

Take away the rain and replace it with a beautiful sunny day and you’re faced with a different but equally frustrating problem: glaring sunlight that both creates uncomfortable hot spots and a brightness that can be visually uncomfortable.

With a Guardian Warm Roof, both of these problems are overcome.

The high-quality tiled finish and layered insulation reduces intrusive noise from the outside, meaning you won’t have to strain to hear conversations or follow the dialogue of your favourite film.

The warm roof system also effectively shades the interior space whilst still allowing in plenty of natural light through the glazed walls, keeping the room comfortably day-lit.

The reduced glare also prevents sun bleaching to fixtures and fittings, removing the need to fit blinds to the windows of your conservatory.

And if you do want to allow some extra light in through the roof construction, there’s always the option to add a VELUX window or a Guardian Solstice rooflight to your roof design.

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