How to Make the Most of your Conservatory

Is your conservatory more of an eyesore? It might sound mean, but at Guardian we hate to see a good space go to waste! All across the country, old and inadequate conservatories are being left out in the cold by homeowners who just don’t know what to do with them.

Well, enough is enough we say, it’s time to transform your conservatory into the sublime space you’ve always dreamed of! Here are a few of our favourite ideas…

Inspired ideas

Do you work from home, or wish you could? More and more of us are giving up the stresses of 9 to 5 and the long and unpredictable commutes and setting up a work space at home. Whether you run you own business or work flexibly between home and the office, a place to focus is key to getting the job done.

Don’t fancy staring at four walls in the spare bedroom? We don’t blame you! When you’re working from home you need a dedicated, calm and inspiring space. What if you could turn your unused conservatory into your dream home office? With a conservatory refurbishment it could be a reality in a matter of days. Filled with natural sunlight and the mental stimulation of the garden, a conservatory is the perfect place to think up big ideas.

Perhaps you’re a small business owner who needs an inspiring space to craft and create. Renting office space can be a costly burden, but by refurbishing an existing conservatory you can create the perfect and peaceful bespoke space to work, all while adding value to your home.

Decadent dining

Tranquil views and dining are a winning combination. A dedicated dining room is the ideal way to reclaim dinner time! We often find ourselves grabbing dinner in a hurry, eating from our laps on the sofa. If you stop and think about it – when was the last time you turned off the TV at meal time and focused on family time?

Friday night dinner, Sunday lunch with Nan and Granddad, our best bonding moments are often over a family meal. If you’re stuck for space but have a conservatory that’s screaming out for a revamp, you’re halfway to having your dream dining space! With a little work you could have a  bright, roomy and stylish space to entertain friends and family. You should probably think about getting an extendable table because once it’s transformed, we reckon you’ll be dying to host the best dinner parties in town!

Too many cooks

No room to swing a cat in the kitchen? Very often, disused conservatories can be found nestled and forgotten next to kitchens crying out for a bit more space. The answer is obvious! By opening up your kitchen to lead into your conservatory you can have the most magnificent kitchen to bake and create feasts for all the family, with natural sunlight pouring in to create a tranquil space – think cooking with a view a la the Great British Bake Off!

Modern conservatories with tiled, insulated roofs can be used all year round – no need to uproot as winter sets in! In the summer you’ll be cool and calm and in the winter cosy and comfortable – and with a tiled roof they’ll be no distracting glare.

Kid free zone

Has your lounge been taken over by tiny terrors? Surrounded by toys and noise is not the ideal way to relax and unwind. If you’ve got unused space in an old conservatory, a child free zone awaits! You get your space, the kids get theirs – it’s a win win situation! With natural light, temperature controlling insulation and space to store books and toys or even a dedicated place to do homework in peace away from the rest of the house, your conservatory has the potential to be the inspiring environment your children will love to explore their imaginations in.

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