Replacement Conservatory Roof Harrogate – Guardian The Leading, Approved Option

A replacement conservatory roof in Harrogate will turn a flawed room into what it always should have been – the perfect space when the sun shines.

Guardian, makers of the thermally efficient Guardian Warm Roof, have a roof that will make your conservatory a joy to inhabit regardless of the prevailing weather.

Say goodbye to the days the conservatory became a no-go zone because it was too hot or intolerably chilly – most of the year given the local Harrogate climate. Besides keeping temperatures in the conservatory nice and cosy, Guardian roofs save you money in the long term as your energy bills gradually tumble. The durability of the roof makes it a wise investment.

With a wide selection of finishes available, your Guardian Roof will also add to the aesthetic appeal of your property as the conservatory, rather than looking like a bolt-on to the rest of the house, becomes a sympathetic addition.

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Replacement Conservatory Roof Harrogate – Benefits of Guardian

Ease of installation

Most of the roof’s construction is done off-site, leaving installers with the simple task of fitting on the roof. This task is normally accomplished in three days. And you won’t have to go seeking required approvals from the authorities; Guardian roofs come with full LABC and LABSS approval

Thermal efficiency

This is the highlight of the many Guardian roof attributes. It can be boiling hot outside but you can comfortably enjoy your conservatory- even turn it into a permanent extension of your living room. As you run your air-con and boilers less, you stand to save hundreds of pounds every year in energy bills, independent research by AECOM finding that £200 would be saved per year on a typical property. With energy prices only rising, these savings will grow further still.Replacement Conservatory Roof Harrogate

It is of course easy to say that our roofs make the conservatory usable all year round but where is the proof?

The proof lies in the fact that it was our roofs that led to regulatory change. Until 2010, conservatory roofs had to be made from either glass or polycarbonate, two materials completely unsuited to the task in hand. We developed our lightweight, solid tiled roofs and then had to prove that they were an enhancement, that they delivered on their key products. Clearly, there would be any point approving a replacement roof if it didn’t solve the problems of the roof it was replacing.

We did prove this and that is why the rules changed, making our roofs permissible.

Range of styles

The Guardian tiled roof is available in a number of styles to suit different tastes and purposes. You can go with any of our Edwardian or Victorian designs if you long for 19th century charm. Or with our lean-to design if your space is at a premium. There are other styles too and we can also design a bespoke roof style for those rare occasions when the standard ones don’t match.  Get inspired by the images in our gallery.

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