Guardian Conservatory Roof Kirklees


If you think that your Kirklees conservatory needs a change, it’s time you got a Guardian tiled conservatory roof.

A Guardian Roof is a high-quality enhancement that will not only brighten up your conservatory but make your home a picturesque sanctuary you long to return to every evening.

Hailed as a revolution in home improvement, a solid tiled conservatory roof represents a major upgrade on polycarb or glass roofed conservatories.

Guardian Roofs were the pioneers of tiled conservatory roofs and we have a nationwide network of installers who are approved in fitting the original Guardian Roof.

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Benefits of the Guardian Warm Roof


There is much to be gained from replacing the existing conservatory roof at your Kirklees house with a Guardian Warm Roof.

You will be in line for some serious savings, something we all want to hear about in these tough economic times.

Our technologically advanced Guardian Warm Roof system is designed to keep a room well insulated in cold weather. So you use less electricity to keep boilers running and spend less on utility bills at the end of the month.  And, of course, you can now use your conservatory all the year round.

The hardiness of Guardian tiled roofs mean they will save you repair costs or the cost of replacing your roof. You can trust that it won’t crack or get deformed in any other way anytime soon.

A key motivating factor for many Kirklees homeowners, however, to replace their conservatory roof is simply to get an aesthetically pleasing fixture that matches the design of the rest of the house.

Thankfully Guardian Roofs have a wide range of elegant designs from which you can choose to get the perfect fit for your home.

You can browse our Guardian Roof styles here.

Switching over to a Guardian conservatory roof will not only make your Kirklees conservatory blend in with the rest of your house; it will boost its value too.

Whenever you decide to put your house on the market, you will find that it will more than likely fetch a better price thanks to that strong selling point sitting atop that attached room.  After all, with a solid, tiled conservatory roof, the conservatory becomes as good as an extension to your property.

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