Guardian Home Extension Interior lighting options

Light makes a huge difference to any room. Too much and it can become visually uncomfortable; too little and you end up straining your eyes in a space that feels dull. We have a range of lighting solutions to help you find the ideal balance.

Guardian Solstice Rooflight

The stylish Guardian Solstice Rooflight is an integrated rooflight system designed specifically for Guardian Building Systems.

Sitting sleekly within the roof construction, the Solstice Rooflight offers many benefits:

  • The high-performance, sealed glazing unit requires little or no maintenance
  • The glazed panels allow more natural light into the living space
  • The flush fitting design offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional opening rooflights
  • Solstice is extremely easy to fit with the Guardian Warm Roof system, streamlining installation and helping keep construction timelines on track

Exclusively partnered with Velux roof windows

The Guardian Warm Roof system is the only solid roof system to be officially partnered with VELUX roof windows.

Combining VELUX roof windows and the Guardian Warm Roof allows you to increase both the daylighting and ventilation of the space, giving you a stylish and energy efficient room that you can enjoy, whatever the weather.

There’s so much more to VELUX than the classic centre-pivot roof window.

Our product designs and roof window options have come a long way from the original roof window designed over 80 years ago. 

Electric & solar

VELUX ® electric and solar powered roof windows. Open and close roof windows with just one touch of the pre-paired wall switch.

Connected technology

VELUX ® ACTIVE works together with VELUX ® electric or solar powered roof windows, blinds, and shutters, and adjusts them automatically for a healthier indoor climate.

Control daylight & temperature

VELUX® blinds come in manual, electric or solar powered operation methods. Electric or solar powered blinds can be remote-controlled, for ease of opening them with the push of a button.

Guardian Downlight

In addition to our natural daylighting solutions, we are also proud to offer the Guardian Downlight as a concealed, artificial lighting solution that allows you to enjoy your conservatory space even after the sun has gone to bed.


These top-of-the-range downlights require no ventilation, and the ultra slim design is ideal for low void depths, making them the perfect solution for the Guardian Warm Roof.

They are fitted without the need to penetrate the 25mm outer insulation layer  and vapour barrier, eliminating any drafts and preserving the thermal efficiency of the insulation. The LED unit produces little heat meaning there is no risk of it overheating in the cavity.


The Guardian Downlight provides an unobtrusive, energy efficient lighting solution that enables you to hit the right note with your lighting, night and day.

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