Maximise space, improve energy efficiency

Any home extension should be seamless and in-keeping with your existing house allowing you to maximize your living space to your desire. 

It also needs to deliver optimum performance when it comes to both energy-efficiency and space. The Guardian Home Extension system has been engineered to deliver both of these things with the most thermally efficient, insulated wall construction and market leading warm roof.

High performance walls

1. Foil-backed plasterboard

2. High performance Kingspan TEK® Building System

3. Breathable waterproof membrane 

4. Timber battens 

5. External finish (render shown)

The Kingspan TEK Building system has a superior U-value of just 0.16 W/m2k with a total wall thickness of 275.5mm making it the most thermally efficient, insulated wall construction available today. 

The insulation core is 100% thermally efficient and maintains this high level of performance over its lifetime. The thermal performance of this system achieves results far beyond that of traditional construction.

Maximise Space

The high performing walls of the Guardian Home Extension not only achieve superior thermal performance than a traditional construction they can achieve this with a total wall thickness of 275.5mm. 

To achieve an equivalent U-value using traditional methods of construction the wall would have to be 453mm thick. 

As a result the Guardian Home Extension maximizes internal living space.

Kingspan TEK® Building System

Conventional construction


The original high performance warm roof

The original and market leading Guardian Warm Roof is a perfect addition to the Guardian Home Extension. 

A high-performance lightweight roof system, it offers leading thermal efficiency and has been independently tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE). 

A range of different shapes and styles can be created by the bespoke network of fabricators and easily installed along with the other components of the extension.
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