Replacement Conservatory Roof Berkshire


If the conservatory roof at your home in Berkshire is made of glass or polycarbonate then you are currently enjoying a fraction of what your conservatory could provide with a tiled, replacement conservatory roof.

That’s why the Guardian Warm Roof System has been hailed a revolution in the home improvement market.

The before and after comparison between an old style conservatory roof and a tiled conservatory roof makes for revealing reading.

And replacing your conservatory roof on your Berkshire property will revolutionise how you see and use your conservatory.

Principally, your conservatory can now be used every day of the year when you undergo a conservatory roof conversion.

Added to that, it looks infinitely more attractive and, due to resembling an extension, will add value on to your property.

But not all tiled conservatory roofs are created equal. Only the Guardian Roof comes LABC approved and possesses a nationwide network of our approved Team Guardian installers.

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A solid replacement conservatory roof brings huge benefits to Berks homeowners, as it is supersedes inferior conservtpry roof materials.
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Guardian Conservatory Roofs Berkshire – Key Information

The links below offer more information on why you should make the upgrade to a Guardian conservatory roof at your Berkshire home.


Key Benefit:  The one overarching benefit is that your conservatory ceases to be a seasonal room once you add a tiled roof. Instead, it becomes the room it always should have been had it been properly insulated: warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Guardian Roof Styles: This section illustrates how the Guardian Warm Roof comes in a range of compelling styles, such as Victorian roof and Edwardian roof. You can choose the conservatory roof that is best for your Berkshire property.


Finishes:  Not only can you choose an attractive roof style for your conservatory, you can also choose from a host of impressive conservatory roof finishes such as Metrotile in colours to match the roof on your Berkshire home. There are also equally impressive interior finishes that can be added to your new conservatory roof to make a truly outstanding conservatory.  Browse our Guardian Roof Gallery for inspiration


Energy Efficient:  Energy efficiency is all the rage currently and rightly so, as we bid to reduce carbon emissions.  Our Guardian Roofs are tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards meaning the roof captures and maintains the heat in winter and lets the warm air out in summer.  To comply with regulations all Guardian roofs are thermally insulated to an incredible maximum U-value of 0.18 W/m²K.


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