How To Make A Conservatory More Energy Efficient

While conservatories might be an affordable home improvement to begin with, problems soon set in when heating bills start coming through.

Most conservatories are not energy efficient. In the summer, they are too hot to use and so fans are required in an attempt to keep them cool while in the winter near-constant heating is required.

The homeowner is left with a choice - admit defeat and simply don’t use the conservatory, or use it as much as possible, but accepting that it will costs hundreds of pounds in additional energy bill charges.

However, at Guardian Warm Roof, we believe there is a middle ground that makes it possible to have the best of both worlds.

It is common to make little adjustments in a bid to make the conservatory more usable, whether that is fans, or blinds extra insulation. The core problem remains though, the roof, whether it is glass or polycarbonate, is unfit for purpose.

The Reason Conservatories Are Not Energy Efficient

With a glass or polycarbonate roof, a conservatory will never be energy efficient; it will also never be a space to be enjoyed all year round. The roof materials are unfit for purpose, only amplifying the outside conditions rather than creating a pleasant temperature.

Thermally inefficient conservatory roof

Only by replacing the roof will a conservatory achieve thermal efficiency.

Isn’t that a big step though, won’t the cost of replacing the roof be greater than any potential savings?

Replace the roof, reduce your energy bills

The figures suggest otherwise. 

Switching to a Guardian Warm Roof leads to energy bill savings of around £200 per year on a typical property, this based on research by the independent AECOM. Over 25 years this would equate to £5,000 and this before the rising price of gas and electricity is factored in.

In addition, the work often pays for itself and more besides, the cost of having a replacement roof installed more than matched by a commensurate rise in property value. 

The rise in property value is because the replacement roof effectively turns a flawed conservatory into a superb extension. The roof is the only problem with a conservatory, replacing it with something that actually works unlocks the room’s potential.

Our roofs are solid, lightweight, tiled roofs. They are light enough to fit on any existing conservatory structure, yet still deliver full waterproofing.

Guardian Warm Roof replacement conservatory roof
Guardian Roofs easily blend in with the rest of the property

They also help the conservatory to blend in with the rest of the property, a range of styles and subtle colours are available. Whereas a glass or polycarbonate conservatory looks like a bolt-on to the rest of the house, a conservatory with a solid roof looks like it is meant to be there, a sympathetic extension to the property.

This might make you wonder why, if glass and polycarbonate roofs are so unsuitable and replacement roofs so beneficial, why are there so many conservatories with inappropriate roofs, roofs that make the room inefficient.

Conservatories and Regulatory Change

The answer lies in regulation; until 2010 conservatories could only have glass or polycarbonate roofs, we worked to develop a product that not only solved the problem but also could be fitted to any conservatory.

Our work in proving the benefits of the Guardian Warm Roof led to regulatory change meaning homeowners can now have a solid, lightweight tiled roof on their conservatory. Sadly, though, many remain unaware of this and so still buy flawed products, only finding out the inherent issues later on.

It might seem quite a radical solution to make a conservatory more energy efficient, having to remove the old roof. It certainly isn’t as easy as just adding a few blinds or a new rug, however it is a solution that works and has other benefits too.

The old roof is removed making way for the new Guardian Warm Roof to be installed

The conservatory becomes a room that can be used and enjoyed all year round, whether that is as a lounge, games room, home office or any other usage.

conservatory more energy efficient
The Guardian Warm Roof System replaces the old polycarbonate one making the room thermally efficient and usable all year round.

Of course, if you already have a conservatory deciding whether to spend more money on it to make it into a more usable, energy efficient space is a decision that requires some thought.

Please have a look around this site to get further information about the Guardian Warm Roof and if you require any extra details or would like to learn more to see how much replacing your roof would cost, please get in touch by calling us on 0800 066 5832 or by requesting a quote.


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