How fast can a Guardian Home Extension be installed?

A common concern for homeowners looking to install a traditional home extension is how long it will take to build and how disruptive it will be to their lives and home. The thought of turning your home into a building site for weeks on end can be enough to turn anyone off the idea of an extension! That’s why the Guardian Home Extension uses rapid, offsite technology to keep the length of time spent onsite to an absolute minimum, whilst still delivering that same high-quality construction. In fact, the average construction time for a Guardian Home Extension is 60% quicker than a tradition brick-built extension! But how does it achieve this without sacrificing quality?

How is the Guardian home extension constructed?

Traditional brick and mortar home extensions can take between two and six months to build. As well as being hugely disruptive to daily life, this also leaves them open to delays due to poor weather and builder availability.

To overcome this, the walls of the Guardian Home Extension are constructed using the Guardian Warm Wall featuring Kingspan TEK structural insulated panels (SIPs). These are proven building materials typically used in the construction of entire structures, including residential and commercial buildings.. They feature a highly insulated core which is bonded between two layers of oriented strand board (OSB). These are pre-cut to the exact dimensions of your extension in a manufacturing facility and delivered to site ready to be installed in a day or two by your Certified Installer. The extension is then finished using our innovative yet simple Guardian Warm Roof system for a robust, watertight and well-insulated space.

All this means that, providing the base / foundation is down, the extension can be fully weathertight within just a few days – depending on the size of the project.

Step by step of a Guardian Home Extension:

  1. A Guardian Installer will meet with you at your home to discuss your needs, develop your design and undertake a survey to help us develop an accurate quote.
  2. You will get an easy-to-understand quote that highlights exactly what is and isn’t included.
  3. Once the scope of your project is agreed, one of our trusted fabricators will create the Guardian Warm Wall and Warm Roof elements, including cutting and lining precise apertures for your desired doors and windows.
  4. In the meantime, your Guardian Certified Installer will carefully prepare the site and install a suitable foundation for the project.
  5. All the elements are delivered to your home according to a pre-agreed schedule.
  6. Your Certified Installer will then quickly fit the SIPs and Warm Roof, ensuring a precise fit.
  7. The windows and doors can then be fitted, and a breathable weatherproof membrane is applied to the structure .
  8. The extension is then weathertight, allowing internal trades such as elections and plumbers to start their work.
  9. Meanwhile, on the outside, your Certified Installer can fit your chosen external finish whether that’s bricks, timber cladding or render.

How does this approach help to deliver a speedy project delivery?

Offsite precision

Our Guardian Home Extension is designed to be manufactured offsite, in highly controlled factory conditions by our dedicated network of Certified Fabricators. With extensive experience fabricating our products and regular training and support to ensure the highest quality, they can create all the elements of your extension to your exact requirements. This means that when the Warm Walls and Roof arrive at your home, they are ready to be installed straightaway.

Predictable installation

Once manufactured, the Guardian Home Extension is then fitted by one of our highly trained Certified Installers. The expert skills and workmanship, as well as the rapid build technology, ensures the installation is a simple, straightforward process. The Warm Wall SIPs join together quickly and simply with little need for onsite adjustments and no time lost waiting for wet elements, such as mortar, to dry. As a result, there is less risk of unexpected delays in the building programme and the work can easily be planned around bad weather.

In addition, once a breather membrane is fitted to the outer face of the panels, the shell can be made weathertight. This means that work on internal trades, such as drylining and electrics, can begin at a much earlier stage in the build whilst the roofing and cladding is being installed.


Quality first

The Guardian Home Extension meets the highest safety and quality standards. We have been working with Hertfordshire Building Control (HBC) to ensure it meets their standards. Additionally, the Guardian Warm Roof has been independently and rigorously tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and the Guardian Warm Wall, featuring Kingspan TEK, is certified by the BBA (British Board of Agrément) and is recognised by major building warranty providers such as NHBC.

Supported by experts every step of the way

Every step of the way, your Guardian Installer will be managing the process to ensure you always know who you need to talk to should you have any queries or issues. As a fully designed system – both thermally and structurally – it has a simplified project management which takes the stresses away from you and gives you peace of mind. With clear communication between you, your installer, the Guardian Fabricator and ourselves, the process can move swiftly and smoothly from start to finish.

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