Why choose a Guardian Home Extension?

An extension can help to transform your home, allowing you to reconfigure internal layouts, bring in more natural light or simply providing an extra space for living. The Guardian Home Extension offers a revolutionary alternative to a conventional brick and mortar extension, cutting down build times with a panelised design which can achieve the highest standards in energy efficiency.

Bespoke design and pre-cut precision

The walls of the Guardian Home Extension are formed from Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), which are topped with the Guardian Warm Roof. Once the designs for your extension are agreed, the wall panels are machine cut to the precise dimensions at specialist facilities. This includes the openings for windows and doors. The components for the Guardian Warm Roof are also cut and engineered for your home under factory-controlled conditions. This creates a wall and roof ‘kit’ which can then be delivered ready for installation.  This process is both highly accurate and predictable, meaning the delivery of your home extension can be easily planned in advance with no surprises.

Built in a matter of days

Whilst your home extension is being manufactured, your builders can be busy laying a floor slab and fixing a timber sole plate which forms the base for the wall panels. Once the panels arrive, the installers simply lift and slot the panels in place over the sole plate. The wall panels slot tightly together and fixed in place with no time lost waiting for materials to dry.

The doors and windows can then be positioned and secured in the pre-cut openings followed by the aluminium roof structure for the Guardian Warm Roof. Once the roof is fully installed, and a waterproof breathable membrane applied to the outside of the wall panels, your extension will be weathertight.

This fast-track approach means that, even for a large extension, the outer shell can often be erected and made weathertight in less than a week – far faster than would be possible with a conventional masonry build. This means there’s also much less chance of long delays due to poor weather.  In addition, work on internal trades such as heating, and electrics can begin whilst your chosen external wall finish is applied – further speeding up the build.

Incredible energy efficiency

Both the SIPs and Guardian Warm Roof feature highly insulated designs which can help to meet the latest industry standards for insulation – ensuring your extension has minimal heating demand.  The precision engineered jointing for the wall and roof, and pre-cut openings for windows and doors, also helps to create a highly airtight construction, cutting out draughts to ensure a warm and comfortable environment.

More space

The high-performance insulation at the core of Warm Wallis much more effective at preventing heat loss than some other commonly used materials, such as mineral fibre. This means that it can hit the demanding targets with a much thinner thickness of insulation, reducing the thickness of your walls and allowing you to really make the most of the space that is available.

Wide range of finishes and fixtures

Once the SIPs are erected, they can be finished in a whole range of materials to compliment your home. These include a range of bricks, brick slips and render finishes to suit your taste and budget. Similarly, the Guardian Warm Roof can be finished with either our Guardian Esprit Shingle or Guardian Slate in a range of different colours. Don’t forget, we also offer a range of rooflights, including the latest Velux designs and the Guardian Roof Lantern, and the option for in-built Guardian Downlights, allowing you to create your dream space.

Certified quality

All elements within the Guardian Home Extension have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they provide lasting performance and quality.

The Guardian Warm Roof was the first LABC partnered conservatory solid roof system whilst the SIPs are certified by the BBA (British Board of Agrément) and are recognised by major building warranty providers such as Building Life Plans and NHBC.

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