How can I keep my conservatory warmer in winter?

Conservatories can offer a versatile space during the cooler months, allowing you to enjoy the winter sun and providing a space for entertaining over the Christmas period. However, many owners find that their conservatories are cold, draughty and expensive to heat, meaning they see little use during this time.

Replacing your glass or polycarbonate roof with a Guardian Warm Roof is the best way to keep your conservatory comfortable all year round. Our warm roofs are designed and manufactured bespoke for your conservatory and are fitted by our network of Certified Installers, ensuring a precise fit with no draughts. Inside, they feature a triple layer of insulation which delivers industry leading performance, keeping the space cosy in winter and cooler in summer. In fact, they perform so well that it’s often possible to open up the wall between your home and conservatory, giving you lots more useable space in the winter. There’s even the option to have luxury VELUX rooflights fitted, adding extra daylight and ventilation.

To get the best from the space, it’s also a good idea to take a look at the rest of your conservatory. Here are some tips to help keep the heat in this winter:

Check the Condition of Existing Glazing

Occasionally, you may find that some window units in your conservatory fail or ‘blow’. This is where the seal between the double glazing fails, letting moisture in and causing the glass to fog up on the inside. In addition to looking unsightly, a failed seal lets out the argon gas which is trapped between the two panes. This ultimately means that heat can escape much faster out of any blown glazing so it’s a good idea to get these replaced. Always check the guarantee or warranty first as the cost of replacing failed window units may be covered.

Replace old window and door seals

The gaskets and seals around your windows and doors play an important role in stopping draughts getting into your conservatory. Overtime, these can wear down or become damaged, creating small gaps for air to get in. A quick way to check these seals is to run your hand around the windows to feel if there are any areas where cold air is coming through. If so, you should be able to pull off the original strips and fit new ones.

Most DIY stores stock a range of different thicknesses of seal to suit the gap around the window or door. If you’re unsure, simply bring the old seal along with you and the staff should be able to steer you to the right solution.

If you have trickle vents at the top or bottom of the window, it’s important not to cover them. These little vents are designed to allow a little air to pass in and out of your conservatory to keep it fresh and healthy.

Seal around joints

It’s also a good idea to check there are no gaps or draughts coming in at joints between the different conservatory frame panels or at the floor. Again, run your hand around these joints and if you feel any draughts, apply a bead of sealant internally. When our Certified Installers install a Guardian Warm Roof, they’ll take care of all the joints with the roof, ensuring these are properly sealed.

Install window blinds

There are a number of pleated or thermal blinds for conservatories now on the market. Whilst these don’t have a huge impact on heat loss, they can act as an extra barrier against draughts and are also useful for keeping the conservatory cooler during the summer months.

Fit New Glazing

The performance of window units has improved a lot over the last few years and many new homes are now using either A++ rated double glazing or triple glazing for added energy savings. Triple glazed units can reduce heat losses by as much as half when compared with typical double glazing so if you’re thinking of updating your conservatory, they can be a really worthwhile investment.

Add permanent heating and a smart thermostat

By adding a Guardian Warm Roof and ensuring the rest of your conservatory is in tip top shape, you can then look to install a radiator or underfloor heating within the conservatory. In combination with a smart thermostat, this can help to pre-warm the space so it’s cosy and ready to go when you need it, whilst the warm roof helps to keep the heat safely inside so it’s much more affordable to heat.

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