Play+ is the perfect space to have fun with all the family, allowing you to regain control of other areas in your house. It is designed to be a large airy space with light flooding in from the Guardian Solstice roof light and large window and doors. Versatility is key, allowing you to adapt the room according to your families’ requirements.


• 6m x 4m internal floor space
• Edwardian Guardian Warm Roof
• 2 Guardian Solstice roof lights
• Matching Brick Slip
• Grey Guardian Slate
• Crittall style doors and windows
The Guardian Home Extension is a versatile and flexible system allowing you to create the perfect home extension for you and your family. Here are some of the key features that have been specified on the PLAY+ extension:
Guardian Solstice
The Guardian Solstice roof light is an elegant and impactful way to maximize the amount of daylight in your extension. With a flush-fit finish, the Guardian Solstice roof light utilizes the full roof height of the Guardian Warm Roof and still provides excellent thermal efficiency with its double glazing.
Guardian Slate
The Guardian Slate maintains an authentic and traditional aesthetic of a natural slate but with the benefits of modern technology. The Guardian Slate is up to 60% lighter than a traditional slate - available in five natural shades all of which have been rigorously UV tested and have an A-grade fire rating when used with a standard membrane.
Exterior Finish
Making sure your extension is in keeping with your existing house can be a very important requirement. External brick style finishes can be coloured matched to your home ensuring you get that design continuity you require.
Design tips and styling by Joanna Thornhill

Get the look

Make the most of an add-on extension by ensuring it works in a multitude of ways, for all members of the family. By utilising existing double doors as access into the new space (where they had previously led directly into the garden), you can avoid the complications of knocking down internal walls, creating a room which feels connected to the rest of the house that’s also private (perfect for noisy child’s play or teenage get-togethers!)

Decorating a family-friendly room needn’t mean a compromise on adult aesthetics - instead, lean into bright colours and graphic shapes for a dopamine-filled look that feels fun and energetic. Stripes can be a great way to add interest without visual overwhelm, so use them creatively, such as laying striped flooring diagonally across the space, or adding contrasting bands of colour to the tops of your walls. Opting for Crittal-style glazing also picks up on this motif: anthracite is a smart (and highly popular) colour choice, but you could also go bold and spec a bright tone here, too.
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