Utility+ provides the perfect opportunity to declutter and create separation from those vital household chores and your family home. A functional lean-to extension will open up an array of possibilities to create a well organised space to undertake household tasks in space and comfort.


• 3.5m x 2.55m internal floor space
• VELUX roof windows with original blinds
• Guardian Slate in Mulberry
• Lean-to exterior design
• Thorndown Field Green exterior cladding
The Guardian Home Extension is a versatile and flexible system allowing you to create the perfect home extension for you and your family. Here are some of the key features that have been specified on the UTILITY+ extension:
Flexible window openings
The shape and size of your window openings can be made bespoke to your requirements, allowing you the flexibility to balance storage space and creating a light environment with the perfect outlook onto your garden.
VELUX Roof Windows
Welcome in daylight and fresh air while maintaining a connection to the outdoors with VELUX roof windows. Make the most of your new home extension by specifying the correct size and number of windows.
Exterior Finish
Horizontal shiplap cladding in Thorndown Field Green wood paint provides a timeless and personalized look.
Design tips and styling by Joanna Thornhill

Get the look

Extensions don’t necessarily need to be physically large to make a big impact: sometimes, simply having a little more space to spread out for daily housekeeping jobs or maintenance tasks can help your whole home run a lot more smoothly, without eating up too much exterior square footage. When it comes to creating a utility room, don’t overlook the aesthetics: yes, this is a functional ‘working’ space but it will make chores feel easier if the environment is a pleasant one to be in (and if space permits, you could even sneak in an armchair to act as a corner of respite). Practicality is key, so bring in hard–working surfaces like wood and metal, opt for easy-clean flooring such as tiles or vinyl, and include lashings of storage and shelving alongside a few aesthetic pieces such as plants and pretty storage baskets.

Industrial accents make sense here, but equally bringing in some country-style elements can help create a look that feels smart-rustic rather than austere. Utilising simple block designs, such as chequerboard flooring and a graphic patterned floor runner, will add interest and personality, and can provide you with a colour palette to pick up on across walls and skirting boards, to tie the space together.
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