Replacement Conservatory Roof Pangbourne

With a replacement conservatory roof you can enjoy the warmth of summer in your Pangbourne home. Say goodbye to an uncomfortably hot conservatory when temperatures climb and hello to a year-round cosy conservatory.

The insulation provided by the Guardian Warm Roof effectively regulates temperatures in the room regardless of prevailing weather conditions. This also leads to huge savings in terms of energy bills.

You also get a house that is easier on the eye than if you had a glass or polycarb roof over the conservatory. In addition to improved aesthetics, the overall value of your house will be higher with a Guardian Roof.

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Here are some of the key highlights of the advantages of choosing a Guardian roof for your home extension:

Pangbourne Replacement Conservatory Roof – Key Advantages


Cost savings

A replacement conservatory roof from Guardian is a wise move economically for any Pangbourne resident. You will notice over time that your energy bills have gone down as you power up the boiler less during winter.

You will also have less need to run your air conditioning during summer.


In profit if you sell

With a Guardian Roof, there aren’t just annual energy bill savings to be enjoyed, you are also likely to find that the work pays for itself and more besides.

That is because any would-be buyer is getting what is effectively a superb extension rather than a flawed conservatory and that is work they are willing to pay for. In a market such as Pangbourne’s this can be especially true of replacement conservatory roofs.


Make the room usable all-year round

Perhaps the key benefit, the Guardian Roof turns a conservatory into a room that can be used and enjoyed all year round. No longer will it be too hot in summer, too cold in winter.

This claim is backed up by the fact that regulations were changed to make lightweight, tiled roofs permissible. Until 2010, conservatories had to have either glass or polycarbonate roofs – our work in crating an alternative with proven advantages led to regulation change.


Hassle-free installation

With every Guardian roof coming fully Local Area Building Control (LABC) approved, you don’t have to worry about seeking approvals for the new roof. Any one of Guardian’s 200 accredited roof installers, and there are more than 200 of them, will be able to have your roof in place in a few days with minimal interruption of your daily routine.



The Guardian Warm Roof is built to last- you will not need to repair or replace it for many years to come. Our confidence in the quality of this roof comes in the form of a 10-year fully backed guarantee.


Range of styles

You can choose from a wide variety tiled finishes for your replacement conservatory roof in Pangbourne, all available in a full range of subtle colours and shades. Bespoke designs can also be made, so the roof will blend in perfectly with the rest of your property. Our range of styles will allow you to complement your house’s theme with flair.


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