The client

Team Guardian members and Guardian Warm Roof installers, Orchid Windows, were approached by a couple a number of years ago to install two conservatories on their property, as well as replacing their windows. Now looking to modernise their installation and in need of an upgrade, the couple returned to the team at Orchid Windows and opted to replace both their conservatory roofs with a solid conservatory roof from Guardian Warm Roofs.

The brief

The property had two conservatories installed, one round at the rear, and the other square to the side. Both rooms were used by the homeowners, however they felt that they were too cold during the winter evenings, and too bright for comfort in the summer sun. There was also the requirement of ongoing maintenance to keep the glass conservatory roofs clean and free from debris.

The couple wanted a solution that was low maintenance and kept a constant comfortable atmosphere in the rooms all year round.

The solution: a Guardian Warm Roof installation

The couple chose to remove both existing glass conservatory roofs, and replace them with fully insulated Guardian Warm Roofs.

To ensure the new solid conservatory roofs were in-keeping with the existing property, rustic antique red tiles were chosen. The couple were keen to maintain the light that a conservatory roof provided, so also opted to have electrically operated VELUX roof windows included in both installations.

The result

The fully insulated Guardian Warm Roofs provide both rooms with a balanced temperature, preventing them from becoming too hot in summer, or too cold in winter.

The addition of electronically controlled VELUX roof windows allows light to fill the space all year round, with easy access to extra ventilation when needed.

The system the couple have chosen is the latest technology for solid conservatory roofs, and the traditional style they have opted for blends perfectly with the existing property.

The gallery: a completed Guardian Warm Roof installation