Replacement Conservatory Roof Wigan

 A replacement conservatory roof in Wigan from Guardian Roofs is a no-brainer for anyone looking to improve the appearance of their home.


Among the many benefits you can count on if you can make the switch are cost savings in the long term and levels of comfort you had not known before.


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Why You Should Replace the Conservatory of your Wigan Home


A Year Round Conservatory


There are many compelling reasons you should think about replacing the conservatory roof of your Wigan home.


One is the vastly superior functionality it will offer you compared to your current polycarbonate or glass roofed conservatory.


Guardian Warm Roofs are designed to make your conservatory usable throughout the year, thanks to their highly efficient insulation.


Whether you’re deep in winter or are experiencing a sweltering summer, the temperatures in your conservatory will remain conducive to relaxation.


Tiled Conservatory Roof Style and Substance


You are guaranteed an elegant look both outside and inside your Wigan house with a replacement conservatory roof from us.


Browse through our unique range of Victorian, Edwardian and Lean-To roofs and see what works best for your home.


You are sure to get a conservatory that will match the design of your house rather than looking like an unattractive bolt-on.


If you need some inspiration, feel free to check out the Guardian conservatory roof images in our gallery.


There is a wide range of tiling options for the conservatory roof exterior, as well as a range of interior options.  Check these out in our Guardian Roof styles section


The Official Tiled Conservatory Roof


Guardian Roofs’ Guardian Warm Roof System was the first LABC approved solid conservatory roof in the UK.


We have a UK network of Team Guardian members who are approved and trained to convert your conservatory in a short space of time with a minimum of fuss, as long as offering a substantial guarantee for your new roof.


With a tiled Guardian conservatory roof, you can make your conservatory useful for virtually any purpose under the roof.


You can use the extra space as an extension of your living room or turn it into a serene study.


Best of all, your attractive new home will more than likely fetch a better price if you do decide to sell at a future date.


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