Why choose an aluminium rooflight?

Choosing the roof lantern that is right for your home can often come down to the look and feel. As a beautiful addition that brings more light into a space, roof lanterns should appeal aesthetically and architecturally.

But did you know aluminium rooflights, such as the Guardian Roof Lantern, also have a huge host of practical benefits that will keep your space looking better for longer?


What are the benefits of an aluminium rooflight?

One of the first decisions we made when designing the Guardian Roof Lantern was that the frame should be made entirely from high quality, machine finished aluminium.

Our priority was ensuring that the roof lantern would bask a space in natural light and make a stunning centre point in every season, whilst also having the quality, durability and strength that some alternative materials may not provide.

Aluminium is very lightweight.

An aluminium rooflight can provide a lightweight solution. This makes it well suited to both new and existing roofs as it can help to minimise any loading requirements.

In addition, the strength of the aluminium framing combined with the 4-bar design of the Guardian Roof Lantern enabled us to create an ultrathin frame – and a slimmer frame equals more glass, letting the lantern maximise on natural light.

This means you benefit from enhanced views of the sky; whether daydreaming or stargazing, a higher quality rooflight means you can enjoy nature from the comfort of your interior space all year round.

Aluminium is durable.

Aluminium is a highly robust material, meaning the roof lantern can withstand the worst of the UK weather whilst retaining its sleek, high-quality finish.

It’s natural to worry about the effect torrential rain, snow and sleet could have on a rooflight, however the resilience of the aluminium frame means tumultuous weather will not affect the look and performance of the Guardian Roof Lantern. Aluminium is also anti-corrosive – therefore even years of weather exposure won’t cause the roof lantern to rust or corrode.

The aluminium frame is thermally broken.

When heating costs are at an all-time high, choosing a rooflight that won’t massively impact your energy usage is important for many homeowners.

Heat loss through the structural frame of a standard roof lantern can account for a surprising amount of the overall heat loss. This means even if your lantern is triple glazed, if the frame is poorly designed or fitted, it can still allow lots of heat to escape – raising your bills! To address this, the Guardian Roof Lantern features an advanced, thermally broken design.

This cuts the path for heat to pass through the lantern, meaning it can be as much as 65% more thermally efficient than conventional alternatives.

In addition to keeping your space warmer in winter, this can also help to reduce heat gains in summer – keeping your house at a more pleasant temperature whilst still providing lots of natural light.

Aluminium is an aesthetic choice.

Aluminium framing provides you with a sleek, desirable roof lantern and, unlike UPVC, isn’t susceptible to yellowing from UV degradation – meaning your roof lantern will look good for years to come.

You can choose from Pure White, Anthracite Grey or Jet Black finishes for the Guardian Roof Lantern, or alternatively we cater to a wide range of colour options which can be applied to the inner and outer sides of the frame, giving you complete flexibility to choose a frame which matches your space perfectly.

And because aluminium is an excellent material to powder coat, the durability of the finish also offers a long lifespan.

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